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I would like to tell you about my writing services and what I can do for you. Over the past several years I have written thousands of articles across multiple genres. I can help you get set up the content on your blog. My area of expertise is in product reviews (guides, how-to) health, wellness, general writing, self-help, as well as music writing. I’ve been a guitar player for over 30 years, so I understand music. I also taught guitar for several years. 

I can help you with your writing project. Research goes into each article I do and if needed, I will attach sources to the work done. Active communication is always open with my clients. Mail me at balcr@shaw.ca if you have any questions about the work I do.

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Why Should I Hire You?

You are probably wondering why you should hire me for your project.  I love creating content that works for your needs. You get articles you can use, right now. everything is done by me as I sit in my trusty office chair.

  • I stay in active communication with clients
  • Reasonable time frame for completed work
  • Experience in creating web content
  • Great content for your site or other needs
  • You pay for quality content 


Currently, I accept payment by PayPal. If you’re in Canada, I will accept e-Transfer as well as PayPal. It’s often easier to just use PayPal. Discussions regarding payments take place prior to the work being done.


Basic Article: (500 words) $25.00

The basic article is just that, a basic blog post. Content will be researched but the detail is going to be basic as 500 words will only go so far in making your site shine. Good for SEO content and getting your site up and running.

Longer Blog Post: (1000 words) $75.00

The longer post contains more detail. This is ideal as search engines want longer content. This type of post goes into more topic detail.

Comprehensive Blog Post: (1500 words) $150.00

This type of post is usually a guide or a product review. For longer guides, simply contact me and we can discuss word totals and costs.

Special Rates/Projects

I understand that times can be tight. I am open to discussion and negotiation if it’s reasonable about payments.

Thank you for your interest in my writing services.



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