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Want to know how to write product reviews? Whether you are writing product reviews for affiliate marketing, blog articles, or your own website this post will help you write readable and persuasive product reviews by going into how you will establish an appropriate tone for your reviews, how to format reviews so they are easy to read, and how to motivate people who read your reviews into buying the product you are reviewing.

So, how do you write product reviews? 

You write product reviews by actually using the product and giving your in-depth take on your experience. Keep the tone friendly and do not try to sell the reader on your product. Remember to add some potential issues you noticed or anything that could become a problem in the future. Always end your reviews with a recap that will nudge your readers in the right direction. 

Why Do We Read Product Reviews?

When shopping online there are so many great products to choose from. You can buy everything you need from anywhere at any time. You can have anything you want to be shipped directly to your door.

The only con to shopping online is the hassle of returning something. People who are internet savvy enough to buy things online are usually going to research a product they haven’t bought before extensively so they avoid having to send the product back. This is where the importance of product reviews come in.

We’ve all been there. We set out to buy a simple toaster oven then next thing you know it’s an hour later; you have twenty tabs open, and you know everything there is to know about toaster ovens. This is precisely why product reviews are useful and important because they influence the way people shop.

Writing Product Reviews That Sound Believable

Chances are you have used customer reviews on your quest for the perfect version of a product you were looking for in the past. The testimonials you read most likely influenced which product you ended up choosing. Some were good and some were bad, but both played a part in your final purchase.

The experience you’ve had with customer reviews will help you write product reviews that sound honest and sincere. You will want to put yourself in a consumers mindset and write what you would find useful if you were shopping for the product yourself.

You don’t want to write a product review that sounds like a salesman in disguise. People can see through reviews like that. You want to establish a tone that comes off like a consumer and not an affiliate marketer that will profit off their decisions.

Do not shy away from bluntly stating what you think. If you find a minor issue with a product mentioning it isn’t going to scare consumers away instead, they are going to say to themselves this is a review I can trust. People read reviews to help them make informed decisions, they want to know your honest opinion.

This product is good for someone who just needs extra storage space but not if you want it to look stylish too. If you don’t mind the minor issues with the storage cabinet, then this is a good buy for the price.

These are just a few examples of how you can state your opinion without seeming like you are bashing the product. Most people know that every product has it’s issued and just want the truth.

Do You Have to Buy the Product to Review it?

To write product reviews that come off as sincere you will want to write honestly about a product and actually write from a place of experience. People are going to eventually see for themselves whether your review was real or not.

It is impossible to write a good review if you have never used the product. Actual experience is what makes a product review post or article persuade people to buy the product because it comes off as genuine. This is also really important if you want people to come back to your site and use your affiliate links in the future. Do not lie.

What to Write in Your Product Review?

When you begin writing product reviews that sound believable, you’ll want to include these things:

  • Talk about your first impression. Any thoughts or concerns you had while setting it up.
  • Share your real experience with the product.
  • List the pros and the cons. Emphasis on the cons, be honest.
  • An alternative product or brand to avoid the cons.
  • What kind of people you would recommend the product to? Hint: This product is for anyone who has an active baby, or This is perfect if you’re somebody that is tired of screwing in nails with a boring old screwdriver.
  • Is it the best version of that product for the price?
  • Is it easy to use?

Influence Consumers with Your Product Review

It should be obvious by the end of your review how you feel about whatever you are reviewing. Your end goal is that your review ends up motivating an action out of your readers whether you want to motivate them to buy a product or avoid it at all cost.

Ending your review with a small recap of your main points will help you accomplish getting your opinion across and restating your final stance at the end will really drive the point home. In marketing, this is called a call to action. A call to action motivates consumers into taking a certain action. You’ll want your call to action to be subtle but still persuasive.

Some examples of ways to end your reviews with a call to action  

“You are reviewing cabinets for kitchens”

  • I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who needs more storage space.
  • If you need more storage space than I would buy this storage cabinet.
  • Overall, I would definitely buy this product again and think anyone looking for something to store their things in to buy one too.

Ready to Write Your Product Review

So now you have a general idea of how to write product reviews. After reading this you know people are looking for your product reviews to make informed buying decisions about a product. The only way you can create the genuine reviews people are looking for is to buy the product and document each step of the process using the bulleted list in the formatting section of this post. End your product review with a short recap and a call to action. Now you know how to write a product review that will inform and persuade consumers.

Bookmark this article so you can refer back in case you need some guidance writing a review in the future.

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