How to Improve Customer Retention with these 5 Types Emails

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You must attract new customers to improve your bottom line. Many marketers make the mistake of overlooking the fact that you have to retain customers that you already have as well. These are the individuals that are going to keep buying from your company. Here is how you can go improve customer retention by using email messaging.

Sending Customer Emails

One of the simple ways to have more customer retention is to make use of email. There are several different emails you can send including welcome emails. You want the customer to have a good experience with your business. This is what is going to keep them around as customers.


There are several benefits to using email:

  • You improve the customer experience – You want happy customers that are going to engage with your company. You can do this by being professional with your customer. a friendly and welcoming email can be the first step in this process
  • Make the most of your marketing dollars – it will cost you a lot more to find new customers. You should work on keeping the ones you already have.
  • Improved CLV or Customer Lifetime Value – When you have the ability to retain customers and have the right strategy to do this you’ll be able to upsell them other products and cross-sell so you can get more revenue out of each customer that you retain

Many businesses that use customer retention emails say that it is very effective. They indicate it’s more effective than content marketing, social media, referral marketing, and other forms of marketing to retain customers. This is why you should use welcome emails when trying to retain more of your customer base. There are several types of emails that you can send to improve your customer retention.

Improve Customer Retention with Welcome Emails

When someone subscribes to your service or signs up for your newsletter, you should welcome them by sending a welcome email. This will remind the person that they have signed up for your service and they are less likely to cancel the subscription or send your email to their junk folder.

Be friendly towards your customer and indicate what your business is about explaining the various products and services that you offer. Add things to the email such as where they can find help or whom to contact if they have questions about your business.

Benefits of Welcome Emails

  • You increase brand credibility
  • You can explain your brand to new customers so they can get to know your company
  • Let customers know of other ways to contact you such as social media
  • You can show them products or services the customer may be interested in
  • Give them the incentive to buy such as a discount

Reminder Emails

Another type of email you can send is a reminder email. You should keep this email friendly and only send them periodically. When you send reminder emails you will encourage your customer to keep buying from you. For example, an e-commerce store can send out a friendly reminder to a customer that they have left products in their shopping cart. If you’re a business that offers more than one service you can send a reminder email about other services.

If you have a product that is subscription-based you could send out a reminder email about any recurring payments that you have. For someone that has a free trial for something, you could remind them to upgrade. Offer them something for their upgrade such as a free product or a percentage off of their purchase.

Exclusive Offers and Rewards

You’ll find that many people will sign up for email if they expect to get special promotions or a reward for a product or a service. During certain times of the year such as holidays, or when you’re having a significant sale, you should send emails reminding customers that you have special offers for them.

if you offer some sort of subscription service you could offer them a reward for signing up for your subscription such as a free eBook or other product that you might have. If someone has been a subscriber or a member for a long time you could offer them some sort of reward and tell them that you value them as a customer. When you send out rewards or exclusive offers to your customers you’ll retain more customers because they see your business as offering them real value for their dollar.

Improve Customer Retention Feedback and Reviews

You will improve your business with reviews and feedback. Ask your customer to leave a review or to provide some feedback and let them know that you value their opinions. This keeps the customer engaged with your business and also improves your bottom line because other potential customers will see the feedback and want to buy from you.

When a person purchases a product, you can ask for a product review from the purchaser. if you’re offering a service you could ask the customer to fill out a quick survey about your services. You’ll be able to meet the needs of your customer once you analyze feedback.

Read customer reviews and improve your products or services if you happen to have negative reviews. Some places you can use for reviews include Amazon, Google My Business, Yelp, and so on. You will encourage new business and get additional customers by providing reviews and feedback because it creates increased customer confidence in your business.

Improve Customer Retention with Previous Customers

You want to attract previous customers and you can do this with re-engagement emails. You may have customers that are no longer engaging with your business, so you want to win these customers back. Use tools such as customer tracking or relationship management tools to define those customers that have not engaged with the business over a specific time frame. When someone subscribes to your services send them an e-mail and ask them to reconsider. You might offer them a free product or service for signing up for your business again. Giving them something for free tells a customer that you still value them.


Use these 5 emails to improve customer retention five ways you can use email effectively to keep customers engaged with your business. You can use email as a part of your marketing strategy to propel your business forward. Email helps you retain your current customers as you work on acquiring new ones.

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