Guide to Having a Productive Work Environment as a Content Developer

As a content developer, you have a lot on your mind and plenty of work to do. The work environment plays a large role in how productive you’re going to be. You need a productive work environment to ensure that everything is going to get done. Here is how to create a productive work environment.

There are better ways to get work done. You may find that if you work too hard, you may actually get less work done. If you spend all day in your chair, it’s time to rethink your productivity.

Productivity and Science

You may have read a productivity study or two online. You may think that we live in a society where no one is actually productive. We just have too many distractions, don’t we? We have our smartphones, Facebook posts to make, web surfing to do, and you need to get to the next level of Angry Birds. It’s important to be productive to ensure the daily tasks are done.

Live your life and enjoy outside interests. Many working people have a family and a home. The main thing is that you need to stop reading productivity reports. There’s no one set way to get more work done. Use the productivity techniques that work the best for you. If you need help with productivity, read on.

You Need to Find Balance

To be a productive content developer, you don’t need more hours in the day. What it means is that you need to get more done in the time you have to work in. You need to make the most of the hours in the day. You may have projects that need to be done or deadlines to meet. Increasing the amount of work you do, may not be the best thing for you as you run the risk of just burning out and not being productive at all.

My experience shows that spending too much time in one area of your life and neglecting others, you throw everything out of balance. you need pt balance your work with your personal life as you can’t work all the time. The first thing that will suffer if you’re working like this is what you’re trying to accomplish.

Balance Work and Life

One thing you should do is to create a map of your life and how much you value each area of it. You should decide how much time you want to spend on the various areas of your life. Some areas you may way to map out will include the following:

  • Friends and family
  • Work
  • Your fitness and health
  • Hobbies
  • Time with your children
  • Sleep

Having balance is key to your productivity. Make sure you set aside time for other areas of your life as this will keep your mind fresh and sharp.

The Work Environment

The environment in which you work is critical to your productivity. Make sure you have a clean and organized desk. Your computer should be organized with folders so you can find things with ease.

Try to keep things as free of clutter as possible and you may even want to get a stand-up desk as standing for part of the day can help keep you healthy as studies have shown.

How to Use Intervals to Structure Your Day

Productivity involves more than just sitting in a chair and working until things get done. There is more to it than this. A sample day is outlined below which shows you how a typical “productive day” may go. This involves “intervals” where you structure time for each one of your tasks.

  • 6:00 Wake up and have coffee
  • 6:30 Work on client project without any distractions at all
  • 8:00 Eat your breakfast
  • 9:00 Go to the gym
  • 10:30 Work on a client project with no distractions at all
  • 11:30 answer emails and inquiries from clients
  • 12:00 Have your lunch
  • 12:30 Do social media and marketing
  • 1:30 Do client work which is easier
  • 2:30 Have a brisk walk or do some other exercise
  • 2:45 Do some personal projects
  • 4:00 Family/Dinner/Social activities
  • 7:00 Plan for next day, check email

This makes your day segmented, but it allows you to be flexible and you can personalize it however you wish. By focusing on shorter bursts of energy, you’re going to be more productive and you’ll reduce burnout.

Focus and Priority

To improve your productivity, you need to prioritize. They say that 20% of what you do in a day is responsible for 80% of your income. Ensure that you prioritize that 20%. Decide what needs to be a priority. For example, you may have reports that need updating. Do those reports before you do anything else.

If you get distracted just stay focused on what you need to do. By prioritizing you’re going to accomplish, more work will get done.


You need a plan for daily productivity. If you don’t have a plan, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to be very productive at all. If you have a lot of tasks at your desk that doesn’t have any priority, you’re going to be overwhelmed and have no start point.

This is a recipe for disaster because you’re going to get distracted. You’ll waste time with tasks that don’t get you anywhere. Once this happens, hours are easily wasted and you won’t have anything to show for it. During the last interval of your day, plan out the next day’s activities. It doesn’t matter how you accomplish this as there are many ways to do it. A simple list might work or use a smartphone app.

Start Now

You need to start right now to create a productive work environment. The more you put things off, the less work you’ll get done. You need to put the smaller tasks on the back burner and focus on what you have to get done. If you have a plan on how to go about things, you’ll be ready for the start of the day.

Get a plan going and prioritize your tasks for each and every day. This way you’re constantly biting off chunks of work that you have to do and making progress with less wasted time.


Not everything in this article may be for you. The main thing you need to do is to just experiment and see how things work for your individual situation. Here are the basic steps you need to take:

  • Have a clean and well-organized work environment
  • Map out the areas of your life
  • Focus and prioritize on tasks that are the most important
  • Use intervals as a way to structure your day
  • Plan ahead
  • Start now


Feel free to be creative and to structure your day how you see fit. Find out what works for you and what isn’t working and just make changes. If you do this, your productivity will increase over time. You can be more productive all you need to do is have a willingness to think about your work a bit differently. Put these few simple techniques into practice and you’ll have a productive work environment.

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