Pros and Cons for Buyers and Sellers on Upwork

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Pro and Cons of Upwork

It can be beneficial to work with freelancers because they provide many competitive benefits such as on-demand skill, flexibility, and cost savings. A buyer is referred to as someone who hires a freelancer on Upwork, while a seller is someone is hired to carry out a particular task. Those who want to work smarter, and not harder work with freelancers, especially on Upwork. You can get someone to write an e-book, create a video explainer, design a t-shirt, create logos, and perform many tasks your business needs to be done. There are many pros and cons to Upwork you need to know about.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a fast-growing freelancer platform, and enterprises of different sizes usually utilize the platform to get the job done. As a buyer, you can search and hire a freelancer in different circumstances. Upwork platform provides simplicity in contracts, invoicing, payment, time tracking, and lots more. On the platform, there are three packages which include standard, pro, and enterprise. The pro tier, for example, features customized assistance to assist buyers or employers locate pre-vetted, premium talent. 

You will find projects diverse categories, which include marketing, sales, web and mobile development, design, writing, customer service, virtual assistance, and lots more. Freelancers have the privilege of doing both hourly and fixed-priced tasks. They can also select payment methods like Payoneer, Paypal, wire transfer, and so on. The charges by Upwork is a sliding one based on the lifetime billings of a freelancer with a specific buyer. 

  • 20% for the 1st $500 billed with the buyer
  • 10% for lifetime billings with the buyer ranging from $500.01 and $10,000.
  • 5% for lifetime billings with the buyer exceeding $10,000.

The gig economy is seriously booming, and a lot of people are tending towards freelancing and self-employment from permanent employment. Millions of Freelancers are on Upwork, and over 57 million are Americans. Nevertheless, Upwork is just one out of the most prominent marketplaces we have for freelancers. It also has its pros and cons for buyers and sellers.

5 Pros for Buyers and Sellers on Upwork

  • Ability to create and define your schedule: One of the main benefits for both buyers and sellers on Upwork is the privilege to organize your schedule and to-do list. You are your boss. You choose when you sleep and wake up.
  • Savings on Driving Time And Resources Expended: Both buyers and sellers can avoid draining resources on getting to and from work. Have you ever estimated how much you spend on Gas? If you spend $10 daily on gas, you wouldn’t have incurred $300 on gas aside car maintenance. This calculation excludes unexpected trips.
  • Office on the Go: A lot of freelancers are digital nomads. They can work while traveling as long as they have a laptop and an internet connection.
  • Free flow of creativity: It is no gainsaying that working in an office environment restrict the flow of creativity. You cannot be creative in a tense atmosphere. Sometimes, you need to deal with emails, phones ringing, doors opening and closing, co-workers talking, and several meetings.
  • Time of the Day: You can work when you want as long as you get things done.

5 Cons for Buyers and Sellers on Upwork

  • When Do I Get Paid? When Do I get my order delivered? A lot of freelancers are required to be a little bit savvier when dealing with finance, unlike typical jobs. They also need to take due diligence when accepting a job on Upwork. Find out beforehand how much you will be paid, and the mode of payment to withdraw your earnings. A lot of people perform tasks but never get paid, or receive payment very late. It is also essential for sellers to understand the requirements of buyers as mediocre jobs could lead to cancellation of the contract on Upwork. This can severely affect the reputations of both parties.
  • Benefits? A lot of employers provide diverse compensations for their workers, such as health benefits, 401k, etc. Freelancers don’t have access to such expect they have a relationship with someone working at a job. Whichever way, there is hardly any freelancing gig where the buyer offers seller health benefits.
  • Distractions! Yes, there could be a lot of distractions working in an office, also when working in your desired location. Distractions from a spouse, children, TVs, Social Media Notifications. All these still affect your productivity and the quality of your work. If you have people living with you, it is ideal for letting them know some periods are strictly working hour so they can be considerate. If you cannot handle distractions, you might need to find the nearest coffee shop or library.
  • Lack of Quality Professionals: For freelancers, many of the sellers offer very low rates, even if they are in western countries. Freelancers also pay high fees and never make even close to what the assignment should be. Losing 20% is a big pill to swallow. Clients have to wade through pages and pages of unqualified freelancers and never really know if the freelancer they choose can get the job done or not. Upwork is a REAL headache for both freelancers and sellers. Many projects fall through and communication between buyers and sellers can be lacking.
  • Will it Last? This is a usual question on the mind of both buyers and sellers on Upwork. If you have discovered talent on Upwork, you are bothered with securing a long-lasting relationship with such individual because his or her account may be blocked if the terms and conditions are violated.

It’s clear that there are a lot of problems doing business on Upwork. While quality work can be found, it takes time to connect with the right people. There are far more disadvantages to using Upwork than there are positives. Now you understand the pros and cons of Upwork and can make a more informed decision about using the platform,

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