Should I Use Fiverr To Get Articles for My Website?

So, you have a blog or a website, and you need content. Perhaps you have thought about going to Fiver to get that work done. Let’s have a look at Fiverr and what it offers your business.

Fiver is Overwhelming

The first thing you’ll notice about Fiverr is that it’s overwhelming for the business that needs content. There are thousands upon thousands of sellers there, so it makes it hard to find what you want. Sure, there are ways to narrow down your search, but it’s still a minefield of “freelancers” that you have to go through to find what you want. Many of the sellers there have little or no rating whatsoever so you have no idea what you’ll be getting. As a buyer with a business, you need results, and you need them right now. While you may find a decent seller, prepare to spend some time looking for one and trying out a few before you get one that works for you.

A Lack of Real Writers

Fiverr has plenty of writers, but you will find many of them can’t write at all or product less than stellar content. You may find a good one, but they are rare. As a writer myself, I needed articles for a blog, and my search left me less than satisfied. I ended up having to rewrite the article myself, and that cost me time. Many gigs start at $5, and you do get what you pay for in many instances. It’s far more valuable to your business if you pay more for better content because it will pay off for you.

Many writers are from overseas. Now, MANY people from those countries can write, and some do a fine job of it. There is also a large number that can’t write because they don’t have a grasp of the language and write sentences that don’t convey the message you want. The sentences read like they were written by someone that doesn’t know English, and this is a problem if your business is in English. It won’t look good on you if the blog posts aren’t in English that is readable.

But I Can’t Afford it!

I’ve heard this one many, many, times. I will admit that it can be tough when you are growing your business and don’t have a lot of spare cash, but let’s look at this carefully. Let’s say you buy four content pieces at $5 each. You end up having to send them back because they are poor. You have spelling errors, lack of clarity, no heading, no bullet points, and so on. What value do you actually get? You just spent $20, but now you’re having to spend more “time” getting the articles into printable condition since you have to send it back and wait for the freelancer to correct it. Time is money, and you just wasted a lot of it.

Now, let’s say you buy one article from an independent freelancer. You spend $20 (still cheap!) on that article, which is free of errors, makes sense, has headings, and it looks great on your blog. Now you have something that has “value” and doesn’t waste your “time.” Now, you can find good gigs on Fiverr and in no way do I you say you shouldn’t use them, but you have to find them, and that takes “time.” This means your business is going to suffer while you look for that ideal writer to make your blog or website look its best.

Slow Delivery

Another thing on Fiverr that can set you back is slow delivery. Many writers have dozens and dozens of articles to write, and this doesn’t help you. It could be days before they even begin to write your content, and again “time” is money. Having a lot of orders doesn’t mean the writer is good. Even if the writer is good, you have to wait until they are available for your project. An independent freelancer will have fewer gigs in most cases, so they will be free to help you out. You may pay more for value, but this is what you need to help your business grow.

Lack of Communication

On Fiverr, there can be a lack of communication. You place your order, and the seller may or may not respond. You could wait for days before you hear from them. Often you will find that simple questions about their services aren’t even answered, which further leaves you in the dark. This is common because the sellers aren’t real writers they are people who joined because they thought I could make some money writing “articles.” After all, how hard is it to create 500 words? The answer is that it can be very hard if you can’t convey a strong and meaningful message that resonates with the individual reading the content. As a business, you lose money if no one understands your message. So, on Fiverr, you are at the mercy of the seller who may not offer you what you need.

Hire a Real Freelancer that Writes

So, you can find freelancers that do excellent work on content sites. The problem is you need to find them, and that is time-consuming. Freelancers that have experience can get you the results you need without hassles, and you will get words that help your business grow. This may cost you more, but you get real tangible results, and that propels your business forward.

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