Why Too Much Advertising is Hurting Your Blog

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A lot of blogs and websites on the Internet today, are annoying to visit. I can’t recall how many times I’ve clicked away from sites. A lot of creators focus far too much on advertising and not enough on the content of their site. Ads are fine, but too many simply annoy any potential reader.

Too Much Advertising Is Annoying From the First Visit

Your site should be clean without a lot of ads cluttering things up. You can have a few of them, as sites need to make money. Far too many of these sites are nothing but ads squeezed around the text. People come to your site to read the content, not be bombarded by constant advertising.

Too many ads are distracting and constant pop-ups asking people to subscribe is not the answer. I always end up with immense frustration when I visit a site that bombards me right away with a signup push. Stop this practice, please! I’ll signup once I read the content and find it valuable.


Ads take up real estate on your page and too many of them leave the site cluttered and hard to read. Try to limit ads to only a few. Leave space so people can read the content without the distractions of dozens of ads in front of their faces. A clean site is more inviting and will make readers stay for longer. Those readers may signup for your offer if you avoid pestering them 24/7.

Too Much Advertising = Your Site Looks Like Spam

If your site is constantly pushing ads over the place then it begins to look like spam. You’re going to lose readers. No one wants to visit a site like this and they more than likely won’t subscribe to your content. reduce your ads and focus more on the content. Some ads are fine, a giant wall of them isn’t

Focus On Content

The key thing you need to focus on is not your ads, but your content. People come back to sites that focus on the customer and provide real value for the reader. If your site is an ad farm, then you have lost your focus.

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It’s not a good idea to have too much advertising on your blog. A few ads are fine or maybe a pop-up for a newsletter. You run the risk of driving away potential clients and customers that visit your site if it’s one giant ad. Try to focus more on the content and have a few ads here and there. Don’t make your site one giant advertisement banner.

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