Types of Blogging Content For Your Site


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Your website or blog needs great content. So, what types of blogging content do you need for your blog? This post will help you decide what to put on your site.

Blogging Content You Need for your Blog – At a Glance


  • Long-from articles
  • Biographies of employees
  • Stories
  • Events
  • Videos and graphics
  • Data
  • Tutorial
  • Reviews
  • Industry news
  • Interviews
  • Comparison
  • Solve Problems

Long Articles

The first type of content you will want for your business site is some long-form articles. These are typically 1000-2000 or more words. This is content that explains something in a lot of details. These articles also get picked up by the search engines and tend to have a better rank than only a few hundred words.  Make sure you break them up with images, bullet points, statistics, and other information, so the post is easy for the reader. Content should be well-researched, and you may want to include sources. This is ideal if the post is technical or when someone needs more information than what you provide.

Employee Information or Bios

You want people to get to know your company, so showcase your employees and what they do. A short descriptive page for each of your employees is ideal. Make sure you include contact information such as email, social media, and phone numbers. Make it easy for people to contact those that work with your organization.


Ake your company more entertaining for the reader by including some success stories. We all want to read this sort of content as it lifts your company and keeps it from being so dry and dull. Business cn abe stale at times, but a good story can add excitement for the reader and bring in more customers. Show your readers how you help people or highlight a satisfied customer.


Make sure your readers know about any upcoming events being held and what they can expect when attending. Keep your reader as up-to-date about your company as possible. If you’re attending a show where you’ll be highlighting your product or services, tell people where you’re going to live. Once the show is over, provide an update about how it went, what you learned, and so on.

Videos and Graphics

Make your content more compelling by including videos and graphics. For example, if you are showcasing a product, have a video demonstration about that product. Provide an image or a graphic description of the parts of that product or how it should be used.

Data Post

Another example of the types of blogging content that you want on your site is the analysis of data. Analyze the data about a topic that pertains to your business and showcase that data to your readers. Convince them that your product will solve their problems based upon that date you present. Show how it compares to similar products in the marketplace. Highlight the specific areas that it improves when compared to other products.


We often have difficulty using a new product. Make sure you have how-tos and guides on your site for all of your products. Make it easy for users to find manuals, download updates for products when necessary, and so on. Give them as much information as you can to make using your product or service a smooth process. Don’t assume that the user will know everything, even if the product is simple to use.


Try to have as many reviews about your product or service as possible. Highlight the major areas of the product and try to have hands-on reviews whenever possible. Cover all areas of the product or service. Reviews should be at least 1000-2000 words or more. You may also want to create comparison guides where you highlight the ability of your product to outshine a similar one. Make it easy for the user to leave reviews on their own if you can.

Industry News

Provide updates and articles about your industry. You can post these on your blog. Don’t make your site only about you. Try to give as much information as possible about your industry and what is happening that your readers may want to know. Explain how your company fits into that industry news.


Try to interview people in your industry. You want to showcase special stories that resonate with your readers.perhaos the person you interview has a fresh way of looking at things or has some insights to share with your site guests. Don’t make everything only about you. Be willing to share content with others and provide valuable information to readers.


It can be a good idea to compare products or services. People want the best value for their dollar. Take what you sell and compare it against similar products so the potential buyer can see how your product or service stands out. Make sure you highlight the strong points about what you have to offer.

Solve Problems

Make sure you explain how your product or service can solve the “pain points” that someone may have. You want to demonstrate the ability of your individual products or services to solve user’s issues or problems. This demonstrates that what you have to offer is useful to the buyer.


These are the types of blogging content that will make your site more useful to your reader. You want to avoid the trap of only offering something for sale. Make sure the reader can find value with your site as they will keep coming back. The more value you demonstrate, the better off you will be, and the more sales you’re going to make.

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