Why I Write

I’ve been writing for many years online, as it’s my passion. I never had my website for my writing until now. The pandemic hit, and I got away from writing for quite some time. Now I’m back and working diligently to make my site better. So why do I write anyways?

It’s Fun

I don’t consider writing to be a job. This is something I consider to be fun. I get up each morning around 6:am and get down to writing. I do this for most of the day with a periodic break here and there. I can’t go more than a few days without writing, although the pandemic changed that aspect of my life!

When I write for others, I smile when my content moves them or helps their blog or business. It’s a nice feeling to know your work is appreciated. Lately, I’ve enjoyed writing for WebMD and Health Union, where I document my struggles with sleep apnea. I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that my writing is helping others deal with their struggles with the condition. Writing is a part of who I am and a daily thing that I cherish.

I Enjoy Various Topics

My only real niches are music and health writing. In my spare time, I play guitar. I enjoy music writing the most, but I like exploring different subjects. The topics I cover are pretty diversified, and I love to dive into an issue and do the research required.

Connecting with Others

A large part of my writing comes from the fact that I can connect with others. My health writing allows me to communicate with those that suffer from sleep apnea. When I talk about music, I connect with other musicians. The most important aspect of writing is knowing the subject, and that comes with good communication with that you write for. On Medium, where I write a lot, I enjoy the comments sections and connecting with others that share the same passion that I do.


Writing is very therapeutic. It allows me to deal with my inner demons, which we all have. I can put the words on paper and get them out. My parents both died in 2014, so writing about that helped a lot. It was several years before I could write on the subject. I’m thankful that I did.


I don’t know where I would be in life without writing. I’m always writing, and even though it occupies a good portion of the day, it’s never boring. There’s always something new to explore. I read and constantly learn about the craft of putting words on the screen or page.

Why do you write?


I write about sleep apnea for Health Union and WebMD, as well as cover other topics. Contact me about your own writing needs, and I would be happy to help you out with your business or blog.

I often write content on Medium. Support Medium writers and join the site for just $5 or show your appreciation of my work with a small donation.

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