Why You Should Hire A Freelancer and Not Buy from The Content Mill

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Freelancers are independent individuals who work for a variety of companies on a contract basis. They are self-employed and choose companies and projects to work for.

Many companies look for an individual to complete tasks that they need to be done. In this case, a professional skilled in completing writing projects. This writer then delivers based on his or her skill by the time the deliverables are needed. Content mills are simply not as reliable as you can’ trust the seller that the work will be completed. You also don’t know if you’re getting a professional or not.

Freelancers are very efficient when it comes to managing time. They tend to know how to make their schedule, unlike an employee. This is a significant selling point as the freelancer can devote time to your project.

A freelance writer can meet the client’s requirements as they are getting compensated adequately for the work. A content mill writer is getting paid low wages and is less likely to dedicate the time necessary to complete quality work. A freelancer writer can often offer other services for the client in addition to writing such as optimizing their website keywords.

Freelancing, however, does not only benefit the writer but provides the person hiring with a whole lot of opportunities and possibilities. Hiring a freelance writer is a better option than buying from a content mill. The freelance writer is a business owner. They will revise work, keep communication channels open and respond to your feedback. A content mill writer just wants the few dollars they get.

A freelance writer wears many hats as he or she can curate different types of content. They could write web content, blog posts, editorials, guest posts, reviews, case studies, news articles, white papers, press releases, technical documentation, how-to guides, newsletters, product descriptions and different types of content customizing them to the requirement of each client.

Key Benefits

Diverse Experience and Knowledge

You get knowledge and experience when you hire a freelance writer. The writer can use their experience to craft well-written articles for your blog or website. You must hope and pray you’ll get good content with a content mill writer. The freelancer charges a lot more, but that blog post will do more for your website than the content from a mediocre or poor writer.

Faster Turnaround and Direct Communication

It does not matter if a freelance writer has many clients; you can still be guaranteed speedier delivery compared to when buying from a content mill. Also, communicating directly with a freelance writer ensures you do not lose the most critical details from the content in transition. All you need is to express your requirement to a freelance writer, and you can be assured of great content when you need it.

You Get What You Need

You are most times better off when working with a freelancer regardless of the project cost. Writers employed by agencies usually experience a backlog of tasks. This heavy workload makes them spent little time on your project. In comparison to working with a freelancer, your expectation can be surpassed as the freelancer tries to create a good impression and build a long-lasting business relationship with you. The writer channels significant energy and resources to exceed your expectations. If you want to get more for your money, you might consider hiring a freelance writer instead of buying from a content mill.

You Avoid the Content Mill

A lot of agencies source content from the mills. These are digital firms providing writers with a lot of writing responsibilities while paying them peanuts. This alone makes content mills to attract low skills freelancers.

What do you expect? These inexperienced freelance writers are just starting in their career and will accept anything to make ends meet. On the other hand, the agencies sourcing content do not usually care about the quality but are more budget-conscious. A freelancer is after quality first; thus, if you have already outsourced your project to a mediocre, you now pay double to have the content curated by a professional.

A Reliable Business Partner to Meet Future Needs

How do you solve the problem of hiring individuals with niche skills and keeping them? Content mill writers come and go, and you’re never guaranteed that the next article will be a good one. with a freelance writer, you get the content you need right now to see your business grow. The work adds real value to your site as it’s done to a high quality. A freelancer in your address book can be contacted when it is time to work on a new project. This is ideal for circumstances when you have an unexpected assignment. With a content mill your article my sit there without anyone even creating the content for you. Meanwhile, a freelance writer relates with you as a partner and will work with you to create the best content possible.

More than a Freelance Writer

A lot of freelance writers are multi-talented. They may have talents in many writing niches, or they may specialize in one or two. Those are skills you may be able to use later for another project you might have. Many freelancers have additional capabilities that can be relevant to your website such as search engine optimization skills, social media marketing, and so on.

Business Growth

Quality content goes beyond putting some words on paper. You may even ask why you should hire someone to do what you can single-handedly do. However, you need to know that you are paying a writer for effort, time, and ideas expressed in written content to optimize your website for search engines and to help you grow your revenues. A freelance writer curates content to tell your brand story as an industry leader. You establish a long-lasting relationship with a freelancer by investing in quality content.

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