Words are King: Improve Your Blog with Good Content

So, you finally got yourself a blog, but you notice that it isn’t doing anything. You have no real traffic to speak of, and you’re pulling your hair out trying to understand why. This is a common problem with blogs and one that you can fix. If you have no traffic, there are a few reasons for this and ways to correct it.

Your Blog is New

You can’t expect to see a lot of traffic if your blog is new. No one is going to find you yet, and you need to give your blog some time to grow. It’s frustrating at first because we all want to get traffic to grow our business and get the revenues that we seek. Give your blog some time and have patience.

You Don’t Post Often

If you want to grow your blog, you have to post to it. You need pages of content, so visitors have something to read when they come to your blog. If you post, the search engines need to crawl, and they will pick up the new content that you create. Try to post each day if you can or at least weekly. You need to grow your site, and it can’t grow without a lot of content.

Content is Poor

What are you putting on your blog? Are you just slapping up any old article you can think of? Are the articles high quality? Have you ensured everything is edited and free of errors? If you have poor quality content, this isn’t going to keep anyone on your site.

Your visitors will click away if the content isn’t as good as it can be and meaningful to the website visitor. If you don’t want to write the content yourself, you can hire a writing freelancer and have excellent well-crafted articles that add value to your site and help you get the traffic that you seek.

Add Value

Your articles should add real value to your blog. They need to compel visitors to bookmark and come back to you time and time again. What are you offering them that is unique? What incentive does the user have to visit your blog over someone else that is doing the same thing you are. Here are some things that add value:

  • How to – Shows someone how to do something. Take them step by step through it
  • Review – We all need information before we buy something, so reviews are very helpful
  • Advice – Help someone with a problem they have and show them what they can do to overcome an issue
  • Inform – Tell the reader about something important to them. Keep them up to date
  • Comparison– Compare something with something that is similar. Discuss the pros and cons of each. Help the user make a buying decision. This is like a review, but it breaks things down so the user can see what makes something worth it for them

Ease of Use

Make your blog easy to use. You want the visitor to find information without a lot of hassle, so make the experience an easy one for them. Make sure images and pages load as quickly as possible. Avoid having blocks of too many ads as they slow things down and users are going to go somewhere else if you overwhelm them with advertising.

Go easy on the pop-ups as they are more annoying than anything else. Help the user find the content. Don’t make it so hard that they have to jump through hoops to read what you have to say. Sometimes simple is better and will help you get sales.


Your content matters, so get it up there on your blog. You also need to promote it, but at the end of the day provide real value, and the readers, subscribers, and customers will follow. Need blog posts? I offer writing services to meet your needs.

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