Your Annoying Pop-ups Won’t Make Me Subscribe

As a writer, I’m always on the internet searching for information. I need to do research, compile data, and know the facts. In the early days of the internet, web sites were nice and clean. It was quite easy to gather information from websites to compile into articles. These days navigating the internet is quite frustrating. you see, we have decided that pop-ups or as I like to call them “ giant annoying banners” are going to get someone to sign up to your website. I’m here to tell you that this is simply not the case and why you need to pay careful attention to the annoying popups you’re using because you are losing customers.

Annoying Popups! Subscribe or You Can’t View My Content!

One of the most annoying pop-ups that I have experienced is the entire page pop up. This is when you first come to a website and you’re greeted by this a giant pop up on the page which completely blocks your viewing of the website. This has to be one of the most annoying things that you can do to someone when they are trying to get information or read your actual content. not only is it extremely annoying it is very frustrating when the x on the actual pop up is the size of a small pinhead.

All that is actually necessary for someone to sign up to your website is to have a newsletter link on your page somewhere it’s convenient for someone to see. Perhaps you could put this link within the article. you could even put this link at the beginning of your article and I would not have a problem with it.

When someone first visits your website and you greet them with a giant annoying pop-up that they have to close prior to reading your content you are going to lose customers. The amount of websites I have signed up that have given me this pop up when I first visit the website is exactly zero.  you may have something exceptional to offer me but the fact that you were nagging me with this pop up when I first visit your site is an extremely aggravating thing for anyone to experience when they first visit your website.

Content is What I Want Not Annoyances

When I visit a website I’m interested in your information, your articles, videos, and other content that I might find useful in my own writing. When I’m not writing and I’m looking for products or services for myself I still pay attention to the content of your website. If you continue to nag me with annoying pop-ups I’m not going to buy from you I’m simply going to go to somebody else. on some of these websites, I have been greeted with several pop-ups during the course of my customer experience through your website. if this happens to me when I visit a website, the chances of me buying from you are exactly zero.

Some pop-ups on websites are very difficult to close. This is often the case on smartphones where the ex may not be even displaying in the screen. If this happens to me when I’m using my smartphone, I will find another website where I can view the content without obstruction. I believe that marketing your website through newsletters, email, and other methods are of course, perfectly acceptable but annoying pop-up banners that block my view of your website is simply not a smart marketing technique.

You Seem Desperate

When I go to visit a website and I’m greeted by a full page pop-up it makes you seem like you’re desperate for email subscribers. If you have decent content on your website that I find actually interesting and it can help me in whatever I’m doing, I will probably subscribe to your newsletter. It’s the information on your page that I am interested in but my interest level in your content drops to near zero when you are annoying me with these pop-ups that are forcing me to make a decision before I actually g to make a decision before I actually view your website.

Pop-Ups That Work

I want to let you know that some pop-ups actually do work. These are the ones that display when someone is leaving your website. I simply don’t have a problem with this because I have already read your material. If you’re going to offer me something when I leave your website, then this is perfectly fine by me.

Other pop-ups which are perfectly acceptable are ones that are very small. These are often displayed at the top of the page and are easy to close. These pop-ups don’t cover the entire page and force me to click the pop up to close it prior to viewing the content on your website.

I also don’t have a problem with pop-ups that appear after I have bought a product or service and it’s offering me some sort of offer in addition to what I have bought. For example, offering me a discount on shipping or another type of offers similar to this is perfectly fine because I am getting real value in return. I have already purchased from you and you are offering me something for being a valued customer. 

Let Me Browse Without Interruption

When I visit your website I want to be able to browse your site without interruption. There is a reason I have come to visit your website. Once you greet me with a full page annoying pop-up and I can’t close it or it is very difficult to close it, then I am less likely to stay on your site. You’re trying to market me in the wrong way. You should allow me to have a look at your website for at least a few minutes before you even send me any sort of pop-up. If I have been browsing your website and find it genuinely interesting and a small pop-up comes up that I can actually close with relative ease. I may sign up for your offer because you’re not annoying me.

Less Annoying Pop-ups: Create Content, Get Sales

Well, there you have it. This is my personal opinion on annoying pop-ups on websites and blogs. I believe that it’s the content on your site that is going to get you the most sales and the most sign-ups for whatever offer you have. If you annoy your visitors they’re less likely to come back to your site and view the materials that you have. If you make my experience on your website. Pleasant one I will probably sign up for your newsletter and I may even buy something from you. If you continue to annoy me with full-page pop-ups as you guessed it from this article, the chances of buying from you are exactly zero.

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  1. I block most newsletter pop-ups (and chat bots, push notifications and so much more) with “No, thanks.” browser extension. Nice and clean web, we deserve it all.

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